Last Tuesday, my friend and I were very excited about going to Pham Sushi, in the Clerkenwell area. As we approached the restaurant, at approximately 6.50pm, we were all geared up for scoffing sushi, so I’m sure you can imagine our horror when the waitress told us that they were fully booked, and that no tables would be free any time soon. Have you ever heard anything like it!? She tried to help matters by pointing us in the direction of the Pham Sushi cafe, just down the road, which turned out to be completely empty, unlicensed and malodorous. We decided we’d rather find somewhere else.

And there we were. Back out on the streets of London, with no idea where to eat. After about three minutes in the freezing cold, we walked to the Shoreditch branch of The Diner. We were seated in fantastic seats, greeted by friendly staff, and we were served wine immediately. I could not have been happier.

She ordered the Lumberjack Breakfast. There are so many things wrong with that…

I decided to royally wreck my diet by ordering a cheese burger, with a side of cheese fries and a side of onion rings. I ate the lot. Every last scrap. The cheese fries were wonderful – all cheesy and thin and salty, and the onion rings were good too. The burger, which I ordered medium rare, was ok, and I’m not grumping, I swear, because I did enjoy it, but it was a little dry. And it could have done with more burger sauce, and gherkins and cheese, but that’s just me being a greedy pig.

My friend then ordered something so heinous, so awful and so shocking that I struggled to look her in the eyes for the rest of the evening. She ordered the Lumberjack Breakfast. There are so many things wrong with that, and here’s why: first and foremost – it was dinner time. Why oh why would anyone want breakfast at dinner time? Breakfast is the weakest meal of the day. Dinner is the best meal of the day. I would happily eat dinner for breakfast. And, more importantly, the dish itself is so weird: pancakes covered in maple syrup (tastes like an old sugared tree) with eggs and bacon on the side. Who would want to ruin a perfectly good piece of bacon, or a couple of lovely eggs, with maple syrup and pancakes? In my opinion, it just doesn’t go, but then again she found it delicious.

…I had a lovely evening at only £20 per head…

This of course is not The Diner’s fault. They can’t help it if they have to cater for those out there who want American breakfasts for dinner. All in all, I had a lovely evening at only £20 per head, even if I did witness my friend sticking her two fingers up to the culinary world.

4 Stars



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