London was strangely calm for central. I had decided to meet a friend for a catch up and they were at a meeting in soho (I grimaced at the thought of soho at lunchtime) and he mentioned that he knew a cool burger joint that we should grab some food at. Never to turn down the prospect of a burger I headed into central, only to find that it was rather pleasant – barely anyone walked the streets. A sign that the day was going to be a good one I thought. Little did I know that we were about to enter Tommi’s Burger Joint and the good vibe was about to change.

Now this sounds all very extreme on my part, but I have come to the conclusion that eating out in London costs a pretty penny, even at fast food joints. So with so much on offer, many places I really enjoy, it has to square up to my fave places to eat to get a thumbs up in my books.

Tommi’a sits on the other of Berwick Street and from benefits from allowing customers to watch the world go by from their outward facing diner seating. The decor is unique with hand scrawled signs and retro collectible posters adorning the walls. I had passed Tommi’s a few times and had always thought about popping in, but now was the time for me to experience what the establishment deemed “the best burger deal in town”.

… other places offer cheese free …

We grabbed a seat and got down to catching up. After a while we perused the menu and discovered that simple extras I assumed would be included were not. Cheese and bacon – along with special sauces – were all expensive extras. Now this sounds pernickety, but other places offer cheese free. I’m a cheese fan so I went for that. We ordered chips to share and a soda each.

The burger came and perhaps I was expecting more, but tbh I felt I could cook a nicer – and cheaper – burger at home. What I found odd was that it was so pedestrian. Iceberg lettuce, a dash of ketchup and some salad. You could go to their sauce corner and add some, but I’m used to getting mayo and mustard as standard.

The guys working the grill were also very unhelpful and overall the experience was just empty. Afterwards we walked the warm streets of Soho chatting and both of us felt underwhelmed.

I’m glad I experienced a different joint, and although variety is the spice of life, Tommi’s burger joint didn’t blow my mind.

Tommi’s Burger Joint

37 Berwick Street, London, W1F 0BP


Restaurant Review: Tommi's Burger Joint
Expensive and lacklustre. Walk a street further and you'll find better.
43%Overall Score
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