Where Coldharbour Lane meets Atlantic Road, you’ll find the sea blue arches of Brixton Village Market.

Outside is a stand where Aloe Vera leaves and sugar cane are on sale, along with jelly coconuts that on purchase are cut so that you can drink their milk with a straw. What better way to enjoy summer in London?

For five pounds you get a stream of small puddings…

Walk past the smell of barbeque smoke while reggae is blasted out, and pass between the Thai and Latin American restaurants, and you’re in. Boutique shops mingle with cafés and stands selling dried fish or strange fruit.

Search carefully and you’ll find a blue café lined with teacups and cake stands. On Thursdays, 7-10pm, the Relay Tea Room houses pudding club. For five pounds you get a stream of small puddings brought to you, and it’s BYOB!

…gourmet bakeries all at south London prices.

The market has everything in the way of carbs, from pancake restaurants, to gourmet bakeries all at south London prices. Then there’s my all-time favourite – the pizzeria.

Somewhere near the back, with the smell of fresh fish a little too close, is a pizza heaven. For a couple of pounds you get a generous portion of pizza or calzone. The wooden benches and the walls colourfully decorated with paper plates people have drawn on, give it an edgy yet welcoming feel.

He wrote me a poem on a paper plate…

And the best bit about the market, is the unrushed, friendly atmosphere that is so rare in London. As I sat reading my book I wasn’t made to feel like I was taking up space, or that I should be spending more cash.

I accidently caught the eye of a man waving a peach around and he came over to sit beside me. We ended up talking for a couple of hours and it turned out he was a painter and harmonica player…even yummier than the calzone! He wrote me a poem on a paper plate, along with his email address, before parting.

…I spent the last of my loan on cake.

Carrying my paper plate and my walnut loaf back home with me through the sunshine, I knew I’d have to return. I was back the next day, where I spent the last of my loan on cake. No regrets.

4 ½ Stars


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