A Passion for Dance

It’s not news that the UK is packed with 16-25 year olds with an inherent love of dance. Our TV screens are now permanently flooded with a wide variety of dance pap such as So You Think You Can Dance, Got to Dance, Dancing on Ice and Pineapple Dance Studios to name a few.

It would seem that London is at the hub of this craze: Performing Arts courses are seeing an unprecedented rise in applicants each year. For students at the likes of Sylvia Young Theatre School, Urdang Academy, the BRIT School and Trinity College it is no surprise that each year MOVE IT is flooded with budding performers, dazzled by the lure of the West End and the glamour a life in the Arts can bring.

The Event

Now into its sixth triumphant year, MOVE IT 2011 boasted a record number of classes, performers and activities, ranging from listening to an interview on the Big Dance Interview Sofa, to shopping from the vast number of stands, or showing off your moves on the Freestyle Stage.

Over its short but impressive life span, MOVE IT has attracted ever more dance lovers and prestigious guests. Dancers such as Strictly Come Dancing professionals Anton du Beke and Erin Boag have graced the main stage with their elegant and sophisticated Ballroom routines, just as street dance groups such as Flawless and Twist & Pulse have popped and locked their way to success.

…MOVE IT is not elitist and does not patronise.

It’s a cliché, but MOVE IT offers something for everyone. Classes are coded for Beginners to Advanced, removing that danger that participants become bored and disillusioned at the back of the class. Whether you’re finely honed ballet dancer with aspirations of training with English National Ballet or if you learnt your art down on the mean streets of a London suburb, there is something here for you. MOVE IT is not elitist and does not patronise.

Personally, I’m a girl who lives for Latin Dance. If I was hoping to gently relax into my day I was mistaken – it was straight into an energetic Samba class followed by a Sequence class and then finally a Contemporary class!

Located on the Main Stage was a short excerpt from Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace’s first show to tour the UK, Midnight Tango. The fast, intricate footwork was all there, their feet passed across the stage in a blur, too swift for the eye to keep up,  followed by jumps and leaps with Flavia’s feet always landing in exactly the right position to pick up the footwork and move into another complicated figure.

The performance was short but left me wanting more, which is precisely what these Ten Dance champions wanted.

A City of Culture

Midnight Tango begins its UK tour on April 6th in Southampton and it’s rumoured to have some London dates in the pipeline for early 2012. If you still need your dance quota filled in the mean time, Some Like it Hip Hop is ZooNation’s new production following on from the success of Into the Hoods three years ago, which will be heading to the Peacock Theatre this Spring.

If you’re looking for something classical you’re spoilt for choice too as Swan Lake is currently on at the Royal Opera House and a real treat for ballet lovers comes in June when Tchaikovsky’s classic Romeo and Juliet comes to the 02 Arena in Greenwich.

…not once does anyone consider stopping dancing.

So get in touch with the non-stop mentality that kept my feet moving. Next year make your way down to  the event where not once does anyone consider stopping dancing.

In the meantime, take advantage of living in the capital by viewing some of the many performances on show or taking one of the many classes available.

4 1/2 Stars


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