We had the opportunity to go and sample some of NOW’s delicious wares and so, on a sunny afternoon, I headed down to be enlightened to the way of the dumpling.

Located literally opposite Liverpool Street Station, the restaurant is brightly coloured and nicely laid out to accommodate takeaways, but also those who want to sit and watch the world pass by with a steamed dumpling in their mouth.

Upon entering, I was greeted by the friendly staff that walked us through the various baskets, sides, drinks and delicious desserts on offer. I opted to try a bit of everything and after grabbing some drinks (the Ice tea of the day, Passion fruit and Guava and a White Peach Ice Tea) I settled into the ambience.

The selection arrived in brightly coloured baskets and consisted of the four main selections of hot dishes and different sides available.


Hot Sides

Char Sui Bun– This fluffy looking side is everything you would expect it to be. The outside is gooey, sweet and melts in your mouth. As you bite deeper you find a meaty spice filling that works wonderfully with the dreamy exterior. You can also order these in a vegetarian form.

Crispy Prawn Ball– It was a shame to eat this side as it is so beautiful to look at. But once you get past the crispy, fried tendrils you discover a filling prawn middle that surprisingly isn’t too fishy (I’m not a fan of fish, but really enjoyed this!)

Hoi Sin Duck Roll– These came with a plum sauce and easily complemented the dumplings in their size and yummy duck centre.

Seafood Sticky Rice– This was extremely fun to eat and after being warned by the lovely staff “to not eat the leaves” we ventured through the wrapped side and found a sticky wad of rice infused with fish. Fun to eat and an alternative to normal rice.

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Now the main event

Not being a fan of fish, I left that basket to my friend, but I eagerly hit the meat and veggie baskets. The dumplings come in a variety of bright colours that make the look of the already colourful baskets even more appealing. The texture of the dumplings are soft and they are best eaten when hot. They range from mild to hot and are accompanied by the sweetest little bottle of soy sauce! We wolfed down a good 4 baskets and can say that one basket is enough for one person! If you want to impress at a dinner party, but hate cooking then a basket or two would make for colourful and different dining.

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If you are looking for something different and delicious then I recommend taking the time to grab a basket from NOW. The size of the portions are perfect and fill you up. They don’t just do baskets though; they also dabble in noodle soups and have some impressive desserts!

For a bit of bite try the chocolate chilli mousse or if you like cool and refreshing ask for the mango pudding!

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The prices are reasonable, as well, with hot sides at the most, £2.50, and a basket being £3.99. As we left full up with dumpling goodness I was thankful for the tube station to be so close, even though on reflection I think a good walk would have worked off all the yummy dumplings I had just consumed.

Check out NOW Streetfood out.

4 Stars

Images courtesy of NOW


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