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Since moving to London, my love life has been somewhat of a disaster. But sat in front of a stage which had so much energy pouring off it that it felt like I was up there too, I realised, as I often do, that I’ve fallen for this city.

I’d been meaning to go to Ronnie Scott’s for a while. It’s a big name; it felt like one of those things you should do. It also happens to let students in for free after 11pm Monday to Wednesday.

As a not particularly knowledgeable or avid jazz fan, I was expecting nothing more than a chilled out evening with a few glasses of overpriced wine. And the knowledge that I’d tried it.

I was right about the wine. I was charged service for a bottle I ordered at the bar. Though £20 for the house white isn’t too bad for London.

The layout created its own theatre…

I was wrong about the jazz. The layout created its own theatre with the lamp-lit red velvet rows angled towards the stage, the candlelit seating area in the middle, and the back walls lined with photos. But this was all the backdrop to what happened on stage.

All That Jazz

Two old woman sat at the front, sipping their G&Ts and nodding out the rhythms, with tables full of students further back, bore testimony to the wide and enduring appeal of the music. The performers rotated throughout the night and the host became more and more involved, using his vocals and stirring up the talent and energy of the players.

One of the few things I do know about jazz is the principle of improvisation. It hadn’t really meant anything before though. But there, everything from the expressions of the musicians to the impact of the music on the audience was full of life. You really got the sense that the music was being born on the stage.

…the music was being born on the stage.

Samuel Johnson said when you’re tired of London you’re tired of life. I’ve found there are moments when life has worn me out and London has picked me up. This was one of them.

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