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There’s nothing like a Royal Wedding to melt the hearts of the nation. Even, it seems, the hipsters of Shoreditch.

Being British

There is something very un-London about a street party. We only seem to get that sense of community and celebrating together when something big happens. Then we remember somewhere our vague British identity held together by Pimm’s, chips, giant scones and some good old dancing in the street.

From those dressed head to foot in the Union Jack, to women wearing veils and men wearing crowns, the whole day became dedicated to drinking and partying. And Leonard St did it in style.

Even, if you were a staunch republican, you couldn’t fail to be caught up in the excitement.

As the love tale unfolded on the screen, you couldn’t help but think that every girl wants to be a princess. If only for a day. Kate’s stunning dress and the coy kiss on the balcony captured an old fashioned ideal of love, which was made somewhat surreal by the outlandish celebrations.

Even, if you were a staunch republican, you couldn’t fail to be caught up in the excitement. There was just so much to do. Affordable vintage shops, live music, and even the opportunity to get amazing retro hairstyle courtesy of High Roller!

Playing Dress Up

These vintage stools, such as Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair and Rag&Bow: The Roaming Vintage Store, catered for this new found desire to dress up. We may not have looked as breath taking as Kate, but there’s something about a new dress from a ten pound rail that makes you feel special, without having to splash out.

Though I have to say, leaving the party, I was glad to be able to take off my paper crown and enjoy being young and single. The discovery of an old church, made into an antique shop full of bronze and marble fireplaces, carved doors and crystal chandeliers, reminded me that Life and London never cease to surprise.


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