It’s a pretty big deal if you live in a city. They say that the bright lights of London is the place you need to be to make it over here in the UK. Ask any Londoner and to them they wouldn’t want to live anywhere else

Of course you get those who absolutely hate the city and cannot wait to move back to the idyllic green pastures of the home town, but the majority of people like the city and want to stay.

Interestingly cities around the world are becoming the new hub of life. With cityscapes growing and popping up everywhere it’s now more important than ever to start educating their populaces in urban sustainability.

…a feat of engineering…

With some cities in the world having populations larger than countries (Israel, Chile and Austria) there really needs to be some development on economy, environment and quality of life. Siemens The Crystal, a sustainable cities initiative, exhibition is being held in London and plans to do just that.

The building itself is a feat of engineering and showcases the wonders of the sustainable initiatives available.

Hopefully with new insight into how to change our cities for the better our future and perhaps our world can be saved.  



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