Throughout this autumn and winter, an exciting range of drinks master classes will take place at Rev JW Simpson.

Rev JW Simpson is an incredible little bar in Fitzrovia. I’ve been there just once, quite enough to receive a lasting impression. The building is purportedly the former residence of the actual Reverend J.W. Simpson; we kept missing the entrance because it’s only a single door and only a discreet sign, a fact we should have anticipated with the prior knowledge that it was a speakeasy-style bar. You never can tell how literal such a description is going to be, I suppose.

Inside it was all candle light, armchairs, and faded wallpaper marked with the silhouette of long-gone furnishings. The effect is actually rather charming and intimate. The drinks were amazing; I drink only socially and therefore quite rarely, and it was a blessing that these were cocktails I could truly enjoy: I could tell they were finely crafted by a master hand.

…There’s an interesting choice of classes available…

Londoners with an interest in cocktail-making can learn from the experts at Rev JW Simpson. There’s an interesting choice of classes available where guests learn more about underrated spirits and how to make unique drinks with unusual seasonal  ingredients never before used to make cocktails, such as black nightshade and sea buckthorn.


Here’s a run-down of the events:

Port Berry Stinger 1Drink What You Sow – Foraging Special

Saturday 26 October 2013. Arrival from 6.45pm, workshop 7pm – 9pm.  £30 per person.

Something for both cocktail and foraging enthusiasts, guests will be asked to bring one item they have foraged themselves. After a welcoming drink and a demonstration on core cocktail-making techniques, each guest will be supplied with their own tray of ingredients so they can try their hand at creating one-off cocktails, experimenting with foraged ingredients to create delicious, sophisticated drinks.

Every cocktail will be sampled by the guests, with the most popular invention from each session making its way onto the Rev JW Simpson menu.


Spirited Sermons

Wednesday 13 November 2013, Wednesday 11 December 2013, Wednesday 12 February 2014. Arrival from 6pm, master class from 6.30pm – 8pm. £25 (including 3 tasting cocktails) per person.


Taking place on a Wednesday throughout the winter months, this series of cocktail master classes is sure to uplift and inform. Focusing on overlooked and misrepresented drinks, the expert bartenders at Rev JW Simpson will instil a new appreciation of mead, sherry, spiced wine and port and show how they can be used in beautiful contemporary cocktails.

Each class will focus on a different drink:

Wednesday 13 November 2013 – Mead.
Wednesday 11 December 2013 – Sherry and spiced wines.
Wednesday 12 February 2014 – Port.


Tickets and further information for both events at Rev JW Simpson are available from Edible Experiences.


Reverend JW Simpson

32 Goodge Street

Thursday – 6pm-12.30am

Friday and Saturday, 6pm-2am

Transport: Goodge Street tube station

Tel: 0203 1741 156

Facebook: Reverend JW Simpson
Twitter: Rev_JW

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