Social media can do wonderful things. Back in the beginning when Myspace ruled the internet highways, they created many great opportunities to spread the word about what you were passionate about. There were film competitions and even a guy who wanted to bu9ld an orchestra from users all around the world. The came Facebook and twitter that literally blew open the lid on what could be accomplished just by having an idea and seeing what people thought.

Lindt Chocolate HeavenLindt Chocolate HeavenLindt Chocolate HeavenAs a film director (after dark) I talk a lot about my projects on social media because everything is connected. In the indie world of filmmaking it’s really about who you know rather than what you know. You strive to do your best and that means asking a lot of favours, getting help for free and basically selling your soul to get the project made. Recently I have been advertising for new actors and producers and have connected with some amazing and talented individuals from the around the country. One simple film idea and a question asked on twitter meant that we got funding and groups of producers coming to London to meet for production talks. Not a bad thing for a 140 characters tweet.

Connectivity is everything when it comes to Twitter and if you want to do something you just pose the question. Another good example of this is when I wanted a film making nemesis, who would actually be my friend, but would push me to be better than I am. I found one and now we end each tweet to each other with #OfficialNemesi. We’re competing in a competition which I hope she will win at (it’s always good to root for the opposition).

…asking another athlete to challenge him to any sport…

Celebrities do this as well, as Roger Federer and Lindsey Vonn are challenging each other to a challenge on a mountain. Sounds crazy, but it all spurned from a tweet Federer said asking another athlete to challenge him to any sport. Vonn took up the challenge and now they are best friends. See the wonders that twitter can give! Check out the challenge video below:


So something is going down on the mountain and it includes Lindt chocolate? Possibly a ski race while eating as much as possible? Perhaps a touch of zorbing with Lindt balls thrown in? We’re not sure, but we can’t wait to find out what it is!

So remember that great things can come from social media: friends, opportunities and challenges. Just don’t be afraid to ask, because if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

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