A friend of mine is very stubborn when it comes to clothes. He looks great in almost anything (which is annoying as I look like a stump in most things), but once he likes something he will wear it till it dies, then complain about having to replace it. He does not like trying clothes on, different styles (slim fit jeans was a mission with him) or anything new.

For example, he was looking for a decent pair of jeans and I recommended a pair of Levis. He would not try them on as he believed them to be too pricey. I explained that the price reflected how amazing they would be. We left the store and 2 months later me and a mate bought him a pair for his birthday. Forced him to wear them to show everyone, and what a surprise! They looked amazing and fitted him perfectly. He wore them all the time until recently, when they were damaged. Now the horror of shopping comes round again. Or does it…

I’ve always enjoyed Levis products because, as I mentioned before, you are buying into a well-made piece of clothing. Unlike Primark clothes that literally fall apart or lose shape after the first wash, Levis are long lasting and well made products. Levis have just launched an amazing scheme called Tailor Shop (which I hope they adopt at more stores country wide). Check out the trailer below:



Not only does this mean that garments that are in need of repair can be fixed, you can also get new things added or existing clothing altered. I will be taking my mate into the London branch to get his jeans fixed (as he still has them in his drawers waiting to be replaced) or we could turn them into shorts? Summer is approaching and he will need some. Will save me a horror filled day of picking, trying then walking out of clothes stores.

Check out the Levis Facebook page and Youtube Channel.

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