When you ask a person their ideal holiday location you are usually bombarded with the USA, Australia or the Caribbean. Everyone looks forward to their holiday and given the choice most would agree on sun, sea and sand. But what if you want to mix things up? Well have you ever thought of Austria

I am a big fan of Europe when planning my travels. I’ve spent large amounts if my time in Paris, Berlin, Italy and very recently Monaco. I find that European culture, food and the locations to be somewhat more exciting than sitting on a lounger cooking in the sun.

Austria is famous for its rolling hills and The Sound Of Music, but there is much more to it then you think. So here is MouthLondon’s top experiences you must try when you visit the stunning country:



The food

Austria boasts exquisite cuisine so definitely look out for their famous Apfelstrudel (apple pie), Millirahmstrudel (a creamy strudel), Germknödel (a fluffly dumpling filled with jam), and our favourite; Sachertorte (a delicious chocolate cake served best with whipped cream).

For a tipple try out Austria’s national drink, The Grüner Veltliner, and also have a glass of schnapps after you meal. Just to complete the experience of course.


Water sports

Do you class yourself as an adrenalin junkie? There are many areas of stunning beauty where you can get your kicks. Windsurfing on Lake Neusidl, do a spot of sailing or cycle round one of eleven cycle routes through the glorious surroundings.


Summer in Austria IP


Art and Architecture

Austria is a hot spot for fine art and there are many amazing places to visit and explore its rich cultural heritage. Explore the MuseumQuartier Vienna (which hosts 9 permanent museums and countless exhibition spaces), The old town of Graz (A renaissance buzzing environment filled with modern museums), The Nordkettenbahnen ( A panoramic cable car journey that takes you to the top of the mountain to view the stunning Innsbruck or the Kunsthaus Graz museum ( an architectural landmark based in Graz where it houses a fine collection of contemporary art, new media and photography from the last four decades).


The film experience

Follow in the footsteps of the Von trapp and dance through the hills of Salzburg. Local hotels regularly put on Sound Of Music dinners and play the film on a 24 hour loop. Possibly the best place to go if you loved the film. Not so much if you didn’t.

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