As I sit down to write this article, I have already had my second mince pie and third alcoholic drink of the day. It is the Christmas season so this behavior is completely respectable, and I plan to eat my bodyweight in goodies, watch copious amounts of television and generally have a good time. However, one thing that often escapes me at this time of year is the need to go outside as the activities presented to me by my family and friends involve sitting in front of log fires, and not traipsing outside in the cold weather.

I cannot remember the last time the UK had a white Christmas; sure we get heavy snowfall in later January, but nothing remotely scenic on the day itself. I suppose the best we can ask for is not to get the power knocked out by bad weather when the turkey needs 6 hours to cook.

Others in my friendship group are far more adventurous than me and will go to the extreme for their perfect Christmas day. One of my best mates lives in Australia and swears that the best way you can celebrate the season is down on the beach with a BBQ. Another of my good friends has worked the hotel ski circuit for years and flies the entire family out to a lodge in Switzerland for their perfect white Christmas. Imagine the Wham Last Christmas music video but with more booze.

…a guy who stays inside like a Christmas themed hermit…

When discussing how the whole family ordeals went when we hang out in the New Year, I am always surprised to discover that the most important thing for both of these friends on the day is the importance of wearing sun cream. A strange idea for a guy who stays inside like a Christmas themed hermit, but both the sunshine Australia and the glare of snow can cause serious damage.

Nivea Sun has teamed up with American artist Thomas Leveritt to show in a nifty film how important it is to wear sunscreen. What makes it so interesting is that Leveritt uses ultraviolent rays to show the public just how well they are protected, and he tested it on Australians who should know better!


Check it out below:



Do you think you wear enough sunscreen or more importantly know when you should put it on? For a pale-skinned-inside-hiding-monster like me, it is far and few between that I will have to think about this, but for you jet setters out there think twice. Skin care is important even in the festive period.

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