Finding a job after graduating university can be a taxing task, and unless you are very specialised or are guaranteed a job once you have your degree in hand, most students will not get their dream job.

#Caged at work

#Caged at work

It’s a sad reality, but it’s a rare occurrence that someone you know will be doing the job they dream about. That said, there are plenty of good opportunities out there, and office jobs (although mundane) can be fun environments to work in.

The key to getting your dream job is to know how to get it and have no fear.

…I can say I now know the smell of a corpse…

One of my university flat mates was studying to be a forensic scientist because he like CSI. It was an interesting subject that comes with interesting aromas. The first time his class went to a morgue he returned to the flat smelling extremely weird. He went on to explain that a decomposing body has a scent that makes all your clothing saturate with it. I can say I now know the smell of a corpse and wish to never smell it again.

#Uncaged on a film set

#Uncaged on a film set

So after graduating he went on to work in an office until he could get a placement. The office was monotonous and he decided he’d had enough, quit and decided to try his hand at working at a place he loved; a local theatre. Because he took a gamble he is now the theatre manager of top west end venue. Last time we spoke he was so happy and he doesn’t smell like a corpse. Happy days.

Making a change in your life can be a terrifying idea, but it’s your life. In the end the only person that matters is you because you have to live the life, not everyone else. My primary job is an editor for MouthLondon, but I adore film so decided I would do both. Don’t be scared and embrace change. It’s mad how supportive everyone will be.

…Are you feeling caged by your job/routine…

Tiger beer have just launched an amazing campaign to get you to show off your uncaged moment. Are you feeling caged by your job/routine? Check out these three talented individuals that live their lives uncaged.

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