The time is almost upon us yet again. Thousands will flock to Brazil and millions will tune in to see who will win the 2014 Fifa World Cup. It is a time when all water cooler chats feature anticipation or disappointment of goals missed and teams losing. Football will dominate social media and you shall not escape it… so join in and jump on the band wagon.

So how will you be watching FIFA 2014? On a TV you say? Don’t have one? Fear not as England and Liverpool striker Daniel Sturridge have teamed up to test your scoring skills for the chance to win a Sony 42″ W8 LED TV with Full HD Display, PS4TM, a Coca-Cola football and £500.

Plus, there’s £100 in sports vouchers and a Coca-Cola football to be won every day! The competition runs from till the 31 May 2014.



So get onto Instagram and upload your video under the hashtag #WhatsYourGoal.

Football has never been my sport, but when it comes to the world cup I am generally always quite interested. Much like the politics of Eurovision, the beautiful game, this year held in Brazil, causes a lot of fuss between countries: El Salvador and Honduras actually had a 100 hour war over the North American qualifying round of the 1970 FIFA World Cup. It just shows how serious some people can take this competition.

But if you are not as clued up on it as your colleagues of friends then here are a couple of interesting facts you can throw into the mix, to show that you are up to date on Brazil 2014.


This year:

This will be the First World Cup ever with goal-line technology.

Brazil will use Israeli drones and US robots to monitor crowds for security threats.

A paraplegic teenager will take the first 2014 World Cup kick.

Cristiano Ronaldo will have 6 security guards, 2 of which will be with him at all times.

Germany is building its own hotel to house its players as they want them to have the best experience.


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