Meet Freja, a Graphic Design student at Central St Martins College of Art, who we spotted brightening up the streets of Tottenham on a grey winter morning with her Anime bangs and her loud Hawaiian shirt.

Fashion influences: Japanese pop culture and all things “moderately tacky”

Fashion idol: Yolandi Visser, lead singer/rapper from Die Antwoord

Favourite accessories: Freja claimed that she always wears a set of gold and silver chain-link bracelets, some purchased from Greenwich Market and others acquired as gifts

Hair Stylist: Freja’s Mum!

Freja is wearing:

  • Gold chain, Greenwich Market
  • Gold hoops, Topshop
  • An assortment of gold and silver chain link
  • bracelets, Greenwich Market/gifts
  • Vintage bomber jacket
  • Hawaiian flamingo-print shirt, eBay
  • Black dress, American Apparel 
  • Cupcake socks, Topshop
  • Black plimsolls, Vans, with customised hand-sewn designs by Freja


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Currently studying English at UCL; interested in literary, music and fashion journalism.

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