Going to university or travelling to new places can be daunting.

On top of the general stress you also have to contend with meeting new and interesting people. So what’s the best way to break down the barriers? A drinking game of course.



This game is super easy and can get you drunk very quickly depending on how fast you play. Take a deck of cards and face it down. Anyone that draws a card with a face (king, queen, jack or joker) takes a shot.


I Have Never

While travelling in Europe, me and my mates played this on our long train journeys between countries. Make sure everyone has a large drink and/or bottle on hand (vodka is good here), and take it in turns to honestly say the things you have never done starting with the phrase “I have never…”. If someone in the circle has done the deed they must drink. This game can start off as innocent and turn very filthy at the downing if a shot. Definitely use this game to your advantage if you know dirty things about someone that others don’t.


The Ice Cube Conundrum

This game should be played in the company of nice people.

Make sure everyone has a full drink and get a bowl of ice cubes. The first person puts the ice cube in their mouth and then kisses the person to the left of them, swapping the I’ve cube to the new player in the process. This continues until the ice cube melts and if that happens the person who it melted in must down their drink.

Drinking is a fun way to socialise with new people. Humans are social animals and alcohol makes us braver in normal situations. Just remember that not all people like alcohol, and if this is the case, respect their wishes.



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