Greenwich is a nice place. Not only is it full of cultural importance, it likes to be used in films, and has a pretty damn good night life. But on top of all of these things it has the Cutty Sark, which has recently been renovated and turned into a fancy museum.

Check out the video below for some historical info:




Having been a Londoner for a while I have always had to see when in Greenwich. Literally every time. A couple of weeks back a friend who has his own theatre company (Vertical Line Theatre) was holding an event where actors would improvise and help out directors with their plays. It was very successful and damn funny, but afterwards (even though I had a meeting to go to) I popped by and saw the Cutty Sark because it’s quite beautiful.

So in case you didn’t get enough form the video here are three cool facts you might not have known about the Cutty Sark:

…she lost her masts in a storm and limped into port…

Built and launched in Scotland in 1869, she carried tea from China to London between 1870 and 1877. By the 1880s, she was carrying wool from Australia.

In 1916, during WWI, she lost her masts in a storm and limped into port in South Africa where, because of a shortage of masts and sail, she was changed to a smaller-masted ship.

In 1922 she served as a training ship at Falmouth and in Kent before sailing up the Thames to her present drydock in 1952. The voyage from Falmouth to Greenhithe in Kent, in 1938, was the last time she went to sea.

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