God only knows what I’d be with you

Every so often I go through phases when I convinced that I am not a coeliac and that the past few years of my life have just been a minor blip in my wheat eating consumption. It is at these moments that I go out and buy McVities plain chocolate digestives.

I then proceed to sit in my kitchen staring at the biscuits wondering how something that looks and smells so good could possibly do me any harm. And so I sit, lost in fantasies of dipping the digestives into a cup of tea just long enough for the chocolate to glisten and melt so I can lick it off.

Right, so what is my point?

Still Single?

I have recently started seeing a guy who is rather awesome. This has rather complicated today’s biscuit ritual as I am not just paralysed by the thought of whether I am a coeliac, but also, whether I am single. How do you know when casual dating becomes something?

…this morning I referred to him as my boyfriend in my head.

Last night everything seemed clear when I recoiled in horror at his suggestion that we should cuddle. BUT this morning I referred to him as my boyfriend in my head. Where did that come from? How did something that seemed so clear cut just hours ago suddenly get so blurry?

Chocolate Fantasies

And so I sit in my kitchen, and my fantasies about chocolate biscuits become mixed with fleeting images of holding hands, talking about feelings and all that relationship stuff. And I’m tempted.

At this point my sister comes in and sees me, hand poised, hovering over the biscuit packet, ready to strike, and she asks, quite bluntly, what the hell I’m doing (That’s the point! I DON’T know!).

…indeed, I am a coeliac.

She then goes on to remind me of the time I had Bisto gravy and went on to form a rather special relationship with my ex’s mother’s toilet… Good point, well made. I put down the biscuits, resigned to the fact that yes indeed, I am a coeliac. As to whether I’m single however, God only knows.


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