Not everything in life is fair. For a select few who have the big houses, flashy cars and millions in the bank account, life can be super easy; but even they sometimes don’t get the fairest deal.

Fairtrade have come up with this awesome test that you can take to see how fair you really are? I mean let’s be honest we’ve all cut in front of someone in a queue before, or grabbed the barman’s eye before the guy who has been standing there way longer than you. Its human nature to want to be the first at everything, but perhaps you could be a bit nicer to those around you.

I’m not sure if it’s my upbringing, but I’m the guy who will offer my seat to an elderly person on the bus, tip a waiter if they have been really lovely or simply let the person who was in front of me order their food before me, even if the barman comes to me. I think that for the majority of us, we will be fair when it comes to these little moments, and it’s a select few that cause trouble.

Fairtrade is running The Great British Fairtrade Debate at the moment, which is very important in regards to their work in Africa and the future of sustainable work. To see how fair you really are take their test here.



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