Birds do it, bees do it and apparently even educated fleas do it. So…let’s fall in love?

As Summer bounces through the city Londoners are feeling a lot more amorous. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming and pulses are racing. So here’s a handy guide to attract your perfect mate courtesy of Hayley Quinn  a dating coach with

 Hayley’s Top Five Tips

1) Match Head Height

…keep a conversation face-to-face.

In order to create instant comfort, keep a conversation face-to-face. So if you’re sitting down, stand up to greet someone or crouch down when addressing someone in a chair. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) studies show that this method creates quicker acceptance between the parties.

2)  Mirror Body Language

Hayley says ‘What we’re attracted to is seeing someone invested in the interaction as much as us’. Subtly copy your prospect’s leg or arm position but don’t be obvious!

3) Force Interest

…the ice is broken to walk over.

‘Maintain interest by initiating a positive response’ she explains, ‘by raising your glass or giving a cheeky wink people usually respond similarly. You convince them that they like you and the ice is broken to walk over’.

4) Verbalise the Nonverbal

Hayley suggests ‘if their focus shifts when you speak to somebody, call them out on it and tease them’. Instead of doting whether they find you interesting, go ahead and tell them there’s no need to look around because they’re already chatting to the most interesting person in the room.

5) Set Up a Kiss Through Increments

A sudden kiss without appropriate sexual tension is threatening and unwelcome.

‘The main reason people get blown out when they attempt a kiss is because they lunge in for the kill too quickly and without a build-up’. A sudden kiss without appropriate sexual tension is threatening and unwelcome. ‘Start by moving closer to talk, whisper in their ear, move their hair back and notice their head movement. If the head moves back, they tense up or break eye contact, it’s going to fast so slow down’.

Keep It Real

…let’s hope you find your own summer lovin’.

Of course all the approaches should be done in a relaxed cocky and humorous way. Not arrogant or psychopathic but playful enough so that your potential mate knows you’re a fun guy or girl. Yes you heard correctly. This applies to women as well as men, as men often appreciate a lady that challenges them. So no excuses girls.

With these tips, a little luck and some July magic let’s hope you find your own summer lovin’.

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