When was the last time that you went out to a club and had the best experience of your life?

There have been a few times during my university experience that I wish I had taken photos to remember the feel, people and fun that I had.

Well you can be part of something very big that is exactly along those lines. UnforgettableNight.com is hosting a competition and sets of photography that show off some of the world’s greatest photographer’s work exploring their best night out.

…get involved by taking pictures of your best night out…

You can get involved by taking pictures of your best night out and submitting them via Instagram.

But if you really want a chance to party hard then grab yourself a pair of Björn Borg party pants, take a picture and submit it, and you might be jetting off to the greatest party of your life!

Check out all the info over at the site and check out the video below.


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