The Olympics were very important to the UK. There were growing concerns that the amount of money being poured it was a waste, however after holding the tournament we have seen an increase of people wanting to join in more sports, and even train for the next Olympics being held in Rio de Janeiro. At the moment Nissan have just launched a new campaign to mentor both Olympic and Paralympic champions, while showing their fans their journey to the Olympics.


Check out the video here:



With athletes training round the clock in anticipation for the games we came up with our top 5 ways to get yourself into the mind-set of a champion:


Work out frequently

Working out isn’t for everyone, but if you push yourself to g to the gym 2/3 times a week, within 3 weeks you will feel far healthier. Alternatively if you hate gyms (it can be quite daunting/boring) the work out in the comfort of your home. Push-ups, sit-ups and weights are simple and easy to do in between important things (like waiting for the dinner to cook).

Get sleep

Choosing a specific bed time not only gets you into a routine, but aids in making you feel better and living longer. Also try not to eat late as your body will spend it’s relaxation time trying to digest your food.

Eat healthy

It doesn’t have to be lettuce for every meal, but being sensible does help. If you are tempted by the biscuit barrel downstairs then take your mind off it by working out, reading a book or even calling a friend. The majority of people eat crap when they are bored.

Work out with someone

Having someone around to push you is good for your competitive streak. Set each other goals and try and beat them. If you are planning on being an Olympiad you will be up against other strong willed characters.

Be happy

This is self-explanatory really. Enjoy your body, life and friends. If you are getting depressed by what you are doing, then try a different route altogether.

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