When planning your travels, gap year or holidays why spend a week lounging by an all-the-same-looking pool when you could be exploring natural beauty? I’ve been to lots of beautiful places on my travels, but one I still have not had the time to get to is Norway.

My friends hiked through the country a couple of years ago and still go on about how amazing the landscape, food and people are. So without further ado we take a look at the top 5 places you should visit if you find yourself in the land of the fjords.


PreikestolenThe Lysefjord

This area of Norway is notorious for being the home to some of the most beautiful mountain ranges. Test your mettle by climbing the famed Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock), base-jump off Kjerag or stand atop the frightening Kjeragbolten, a rock wedge between two mountains.


The-Nordfjord_DaveHilditchThe Nordfjord

Explore this ancient area that boasts some of the most stunning views and glaciers. Ski, hike the glaciers, relax at the famous spas or river raft the insane, but beautiful rivers.



This picturesque town is steeped in maritime history, fine dining (if you enjoy fish) and boating adventures.


Rjukanfossen_Kristin KokkersvoldOscarsborg Fortress

This historic monument is nestled on a small island in the straits of Oslofjord. Whether you are interested in history, architecture or just enjoy an amazing view this location is a must to visit. Catch a ferry to the island and learn about the amazing battle of Drøbak Sound, where the Norwegian royal family escaped to the Allies because of the heroic fighting of the fortresses garrison.



This impressive waterfall is a must see and easily accessible through a mountain pass. Get ready to hike, but the payoff will be worth it.


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