Prepare to get wet. In my experience of Wales it has always rained. Now it rains a fair bit in sunny old England, but in Wales it really rains. Biblical proportions you could say.

All that aside when it’s sunny it is lovely and there are some spectacular places to visit.



Llandudno is a gorgeous little town steeped in history. It is home to Britain’s longest cable car and is famous for being the place that famed novelist Lewis Carrol met his wife Alice, the inspiration for his book: Alice in Wonderland. Oh and if you are adventurous you can go skiing on their dry slope.


The Brecon Beacons

The Brecon Beacons is miles and miles of national park. Perfect for hiking or camping. Also check out the town of Brecon that has a glorious cathedral and Hay-on Wye, a town seemingly devoted to second hand book shops.


The Wye Valley

If you want to visit some landmarks then head down to the valley that boasts Chepstow’s Castle; Tintern’s spectacular abbey and the massive standing stones of Trellech.



Of course you can’t miss the sprawling centre of Welsh life that is Cardiff. Shopping, restaurants and the setting for Torchwood; what isn’t to like?



Lastly experience Cardigan bay, a natural beauty, 40 miles wide, that is part conservation area. Climb the rocks, explore the caves and bask in the stunning scenery of Wales.


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