My friend really likes pulling practical jokes.

Not so much on me (thank god!), but for his sister (who he lives with) I imagine it is a nightmare co-existing with him in their swanky London apartment.

I have always seen the appeal to pull off an amazing practical joke on someone who has it coming to them, but never had the guts to go through with it. Unfortunately my friend is more daring with me and has tried out, and swears by, the following pranks:


Sticky Label Over The Mouse

If you have ever worked in a busy office then you know that at one point someone will have a very stressful day, where everything goes wrong. When this happens do not feel sorry for them, strike back at that person with this prank.

Simply wait till your target has left their desk (on lunch, break or bathroom) then grab a sticky note and cut a strip, making sure you have a sticky bit on the top of your strip. Grab the targets computer mouse and out the strip so it sticks the bottom of the mouse and covers the optical light. Replace the mouse and sit back as they try to find out why their mouse won’t work.


Cellophane On Cup

This is a alternative to the old toilet trick, but is less disgusting. Simply grab some kitchen cellophane and stretch it over the top of a glass or mug. Smooth down the sides and try to engage your target while they are pouring themselves a drink. With luck they won’t notice and get wet in the process.


Holes In water

Fill up a plastic bottle with water and seal the top tight. Grab a pin and push several holes into the bottom of the bottle. A bit of water will come out, but not too much. When your target goes to open the bottle, the pressure released will make all the water shoot out the bottom of the bottle like a sieve.


Cotton Buds In Water On A Cold Night

This prank will only work in cold weather. Buy a couple of bags of cotton bud and soak them individual in water. When it is really cold out at night or in the morning, go and stick the buds to whatever you like! They will freeze and be a real pain to get off. Cars, windows and doors are a good choice. Make pretty patterns or cover the target in cottony hell.


Cup With Ketchup

Everyone eats at a fast food restaurant. When your friend goes to the bathroom grab their drink and take the lid and straw out. Grab a ketchup sachet and open it on its corner. Put the straw into the ketchup sachet and then submerge it in the drink. Replace the lid and act as though nothing has happened. When they go for a drink they will get a mouth of ketchup. Nice.

Check out some amazing pranks in this new advert from Moussy:



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