University is the big step that for most people, gives them complete independence. You leave home, meet new people, do things you’ve never done (and will regret), and study for your future. 

A big problem that many students face is staying in shape. With so many new things to try and no parental guidance it can be hard to keep fit. 

So here are MouthLondon’s top five tips for staying healthy at university:


Eat well

Fresh fruitThis is a no brainer really, but still the allure of take out over freshly prepared is the villain in this story. With deadlines, going out till the wee hours of the morning and a new found sense of laziness, the ability to eat what is right for our bodies diminishes the minute the parents leave your uni room.

There are a ton of fad diets out there, but the simplest way to stay fit is to be realistic with yourself. You don’t have to sacrifice nights out, just give yourself a goal. If you have a kebab after a boozy night, then try to grab a salad the following day. 

Stay away from microwave meals and eat as much fresh fruit as possible. There are weekend markets everywhere in London so take a Sunday morning off, grab a friend and peruse the local produce. Your body will thank you in the end.



DrinkingStudents all think the same. You think that you’re young and your body can take a few years of heavy drinking. Well you’re wrong. I have a mate who really got into the uni drinking scene, and even now he can’t shift the weight he put on. A beer belly will stay with you for a long time unless you have the real urge to work out and get rid of it.

Drinking is fun, but ruins your health, liver and can lead to addiction. Yet again moderation is the trick here, and if you’re not drunk all the time you may dodge some unexpected sexual encounters that will scar you for life.


Working out

MaxirawMost universities have their own gym. With subsidised fees, it’s a good place to really sculpt your body or stay toned and trim. If you want to get away from the prying eyes of your fellow students, there are plenty of other gyms in London to join and most aren’t that expensive either. 

Once you’ve got your body to the point you like don’t stop! Keeping fit is a continuous journey. If you are looking to build muscle then you may want to look into protein shakes. Whey protein supplements will help you keep that muscle building even after you work out, so as long as you keep fit, you should stay in great shape. If you do decide to use protein supplements then consult your doctor or ask a gym trainer for their advice.



Everyone loves the Internet. Lol catz, pranks, streaming movies and porn are on offer and students eat it up. But sitting around all day makes you tired, more irritable and fatter. 

If you take the bus to uni, plan a day to leave earlier and walk the journey. If you are going out to a bar then walk rather than tube it. Central London is very easy to get into and the advantages of walking about are finding hidden gems you would have missed. 

Think outside the box as well. Join new uni societies, groups and outings and you’ll soon find that you are so busy with your social life that you sleep like a baby when you hit the bed. 



Mental health is the most important factor to staying for. If you’re paying a ridiculous amount of money to go to uni then embrace it. Keep your mind active and you’ll be the centre of all conversations. Knowledge is power and you’d be surprised how good you’ll feel when you learn new facts. 

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