We’ve all had the horror of university fees, nights out, and spontaneous shopping wiping out our back account. But just because you’re a full time student doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the big bucks. Here at MouthLondon we have compiled a list of ways to make some easy cash:



This may sound like an odd choice, but from my experience I definitely didn’t do enough internships at university and I regret it now. You are already paying for accommodation in London, you can walk to the internship if you leave plenty of time and you have lots of spare time (especially in your first and second years). Internships are unpaid, but the experience you gain is invaluable. You will determine what role or direction you want to take, and you make valuable friends who you can call on when you are out of university. Almost all of my internships have led to a paying job. If you take the time to work for free the money will come later.


Bingo is a very good way of making some quick cash. It sound odd. But bingo halls in London are usually packed and can bring in some serious money if you have a lucky streak. Three friends of mine went weekly to our local and paid £2 each time. They would win bits and bobs, but nothing mind boggling. On a normal Wednesday night they came home with £2000 cash in their pockets. Interestingly after this all my flat mates started attending. But if you aren’t the going out type you can even get involved with online bingo. It’s generally free to join up, you get a free cash injection to get started, and if you have spare time in the evenings then why not try and make some extra money?

Work for your University

This one is a no brainer really. Universities hire students to hand out flyers, newspapers and other information. My friend would come to morning lectures and on her hour break before the next; she would hang out student union flyers for upcoming events. She did it in her spare time that would just be spent chatting and she made far more friends this way then you normally would.

Write Essays for others

This is a bit of a grey area, but several of my friends at university did it and made some good money. If you are going to write someone else’s essay for them make sure you know enough about the subject, have all the sources on hand and be punctual with the deadline. If you say you are going to write it by tomorrow morning then it will be.

Become a blogger

The internet is full of success stories about how a seemingly normal person became famous through their blog. The key to making money is attracting subscribers, as the more you have the better the chances of someone advertising on your site. Setting up a blog is super easy and the best option is to write about something you like or just your daily life.


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