Whether you are 14 or 64, going to a music gig or festival can be a lot of fun. It is a chance to experience the music of your favourite bands or artists whilst enjoying an atmosphere that you simply can’t get from listening to the tracks at home. There are countless gig venues across London, which are popular with local residents as well as those who have travelled into the capital from the Home Counties. Wherever you are from, you will surely discover an amazing music scene in London. 

Yet it is sensible to take suitable precautions and be aware of risks and hazards that could affect your experience at a gig. You can never be entirely sure what will happen when you’re out and about, but there are some situations that are more likely than others. So keep reading this post to find out about the top tips to stay safe at gigs and festivals… 


Have a designated meeting place

If you are attending a gig or festival with a group of other people, it is wise to elect a meeting place in the event that you become separated. This is easily done at venues that have standing room only; people tend to go to the bar and toilet at different times which can mean losing others in the crowd. Mosh pits and a surging crowd can also mean you become displaced, so ensure you all meet up again before leaving the venue. 


Stay hydrated

Regardless of whether you are at the Brixton Academy, the Kentish Town Forum or Wembley Arena, you will probably get quite warm during the live performances. This is especially true when you are standing in a crowd of people who are rocking out to some lively tunes. Therefore you should make sure you drink enough water; it is a relatively common sight to see people becoming faint when they overheat in the crowd – don’t be one of them. 


Standing room or seats?

Due to the associated issues with standing at gigs, you might prefer to have a seated ticket instead. This isn’t always possible depending on the venue, but it is worth looking into when gig tickets go on sale. For those venues with standing room only, you could choose to stand at the very edge or back of the crowd so you maintain an element of space, rather than getting caught up in the crush up front. 


Stay vigilant

One of the most important pieces of advice is to stay vigilant when it comes to risks. For example slips, trips and falls can happen in these types of venues, which you can read about more by clicking here. Equipment can also be an issue, but this is more likely in temporary venues such as those used at festivals. Finally, be wary of other gig-goers as some might be using or supplying controlled substances – this is a good reason never to leave your drink unaccompanied too.

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