The hustle and bustle happening in Zermatt, Switzerland is far from the chaotic crowded atmosphere of London. The businessmen-filled streets, tight-lipped tourists, and the constant roar of the underground could be swapped for a car-free village, sporty clientele, and electric buggies humming beneath daring skiers on snowy slopes.

Car-free, you say?


Eager winter travellers board the train in the valley at a stop called Täsch and head up the beautiful scenic snow-capped mountains into the village of Zermatt. On arrival, electric taxis drive you through the main street and down narrow pathways to your hotel door; a perfect experience for the excited taxi rider.


Zermatt1The village is so full of hotels, restaurants, and shops that it now extends up the steep valleys. The many hotels stretch throughout the entire village–don’t worry, there’s a free bus service to the ski lifts!

… a beautifully simple yet delicious breakfast with the most spectacular view …

Whether you’re looking for traditional chalet warmth or a more modern approach amid stunning interiors with glass floors and spa areas, Zermatt offers it all. One hotel that is highly recommend is Welcome Hotel, a family-run bed and breakfast offering a personal and warm greeting by the hosts, crisp clean accommodation, a spa to replenish aching muscles and a beautifully simple yet delicious breakfast with the most spectacular view. The name says it all.


Whether you want a true Swiss-perience, Swiss Chalet, a Michelin Star dinner, or a fast food indulgence after hitting up the après-ski a little too hard, the village is your oyster. For those of you travellers wanting to experience real Swiss food, follow your noses to the nearest cheese-fragrant, fondue-brewing, kirsch-firing restaurants. Bon appétit!

… relax on the terrace with a beautiful view …

Up in the slopes there are 56 mountain restaurants with both self-service and table service. For a less chaotic and quieter lunch, head in just before midday and relax on the terrace with a beautiful view and sun beams warming your soon-to-be tanned face.


Après-skiing is huge in Zermatt. With around 50 bars to choose from, you’d be absolutely right in thinking that there is plenty of choice and variety. Amber ale is from the valley and something that must be tried on your stay–perhaps saving the shots of kirsch until a little later! Bars, pubs and hotels all share one thing in common: great ambience.


The Matterhorn, towering over 4000 metres high and shadowing Zermatt’s village in the late afternoon, is emblematically unique and most appreciated on the slopes. The panoramic view is literally breathtaking as you ski around the high glacial altitudes, capturing its incredible profile from every angle.

Zermatt2Love, love, love!

  1. The stunning views of chalets, skiers and mountain peaks.
  2. Huge choice of restaurants, shops, bars, and hotels.
  3. Traditional and charming horse drawn sleighs to guide you through the hub of the village.
  4. Cog railways and cable cars to take you to your next challenging peak.
  5. Zermatt Unplugged – an acoustic music festival that takes place every April with music rushing down the slopes and into the village.
  6. Did I mention the view?

Things to be wary of…

  1. The cost of ski passes…and everything else you may have to purchase on your stay up in Zermatt. But hey, it’s Switzerland after all.
  2. Although the snow reliability is excellent, bad weather can lead to freezing unpleasant winds


Whether you’re planning out your next line, listening to music, indulging in fine food or chilling out, Zermatt will be ready. Where will we find you this holiday?

For more information visit Zermatt Tourism.

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