I have spoken in previous articles about what makes Austria an interesting country to visit, but one detail I left out was the cultural experience: Yodelling.

Yodel PlanPerhaps it is because I am not a very good singer. Sure I can belt out a classic like Total Eclipse of the Heart, but it’s not going to be a good rendition. Therefore yodelling is something I would generally pass up. That is until I learned about the first Yodel Hiking Trail.

When you go on holiday it is important to have fun and relax. That is what a holiday is there for, but it isn’t just getting drunk and sun bathing. Every country has unique cultural aspects that shouldn’t be ignored when you pass through/visit them. The Yodel Hiking Trail is a walking experience where you sing along with others on the way. Surely I can’t be the only bad singer? With stunning scenery and the ability to make the hills literally come a live with your voice, perhaps it is time to embrace my bad vocal abilities. Check out the details here.

And check out the video below about the trail:



Austria boasts plenty of cool things to see and do, but The Yodel Trail is something completely different.

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