It was on a recent university society tour that I was introduced to the incredible culture and beauty of Croatia. As I entered the country (via coach) it was impossible not to notice the outstanding scenery: blue skies, slightly mountainous terrain and, most importantly, the spectacular coastline. After the long drive, I was excited to get off the coach and explore the local town Medulin.

Strolling into the town, I was welcomed by the many friendly restaurant promoters offering free drinks and deals; straight away I knew this trip to Croatia was going to be unforgettable. At a sumptuous restaurant overlooking a Medulin Marina, I relaxed with some delicious pizza and large cocktails. There, I discovered how low cost everything seemed to be: a local pasta dish and a beer came to 50 kuna: equivalent to around £6.

…it contains art from many different historical periods…

Croatia is a country of diverse history and culture (not a country just with amazing cocktails and food). At nearby Rovinj, I visited St Euphemia’s Basilica; built in 1736, it contains art from many different historical periods, most notably 15th century Gothic statues. This extraordinary building turned me into a typical inspired tourist: I took hundreds of photos. Across city’s many cobbled streets, I discovered the galleries of local artists and the food markets, which produced an assortment of many satisfying smells: olives, honey and fresh fruit.

Following this, I took an excursion to the Adriatic coast of Croatia; to the island of Krk. Croatia holds thousands of islands and islets along its coastline; however Krk is one of the largest.

…it was breath-taking…

On a boat day trip, I saw many of these islands. The most enthralling part of the day was being offered to jump off the top of the boat, which I accepted without hesitation: straight in I went. If you want to go to a place with outstandingly clear water then this is definitely the place to go. Even in the depths out at sea, you can see right down to the sea bed with just a pair of goggles and a snorkel, it was breath-taking.

After all the culture and food intake t, I definitely thought the last night should be a relaxed night out in Medulin. I chose one of the many bars along the beach overlooking the setting Croatian sun and began an amazing final night. I can only once again highlight the variety of cocktails (this bar in particular had its own cocktail making hut) and the friendliness of the local people. Whether it’s a relaxed beach holiday, a partying holiday or a culture enriched holiday you are looking for, Croatia is the place to go.

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