It was 8:21pm when the train finally slowed down and a voice announced we had arrived in Prague.

There are usually two factors that help you build a first impression of a city: the place you arrive at and what you see during your first ride. Considering I had been travelling for more than 12 hours, I thought it would be impossible to judge Prague, let alone in a good way, before at least 8 hours sleep. I was wrong.

While the station was big and modern, it was the tram journey to our hostel that made us realise we would quickly fall in love with the city. Beautiful buildings popped up from every corner, illuminations giving them a magical touch, and although we had no idea where to start exploring, we knew there would be much to see. Welcomed by the newly opened Ahoy! Hostel (Na Perstyne 10) as if we were part of the family, we were luckily told about the best places to eat, what to see and where to party, and the next morning we were ready to discover the city.

…you will never have enough of its vibrant energy…

After a delicious breakfast at what quickly became our favourite spot, the bakery Le Caroussel (Narodni 37), we came to realise that Prague’s Old Town Square is where the magic happens. Walk around it a couple of times and you will find everything you could possibly be looking for: from free walking tours to pub crawls, from magic to breakdance shows, you will never have enough of its vibrant energy.

Both the church of St Nicholas and the Astronomical tower, two of Prague’s symbols, are located right on the square. While a quick visit is enough to admire the beauty of the first, the second offers one of the best views of the city: accessible by foot or by lift, the 360° view shows you the city in all its beauty. The tower is however also special for another reason: every hour the clock and all its components move, giving the crowd a special show and making it a must-see.

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