Nearby Seiser Alp, which is the largest alpine pasture in Europe, is possibly one of the most stunning parts of the Dolomites. 

In summer, hiking trails lead through its green meadows which show off a colourful floral display during June and July.

Of course, winter is all about hitting the slopes.  Whilst the region is not acclaimed for the highest mountains or the most glaciers, the Dolomites does offer you lots more.

…the region more than makes up for this with its other pleasures…

TheDolomites_Brand X PicturesThinkstockLoads of sunshine, fabulous local food, the opportunity to interact with the very welcoming, local culture, not forgetting the spectacular, ever changing visual display created by the sun as it moves across the mountains throughout the day.

So, although the ski terrain may not appeal to the ultimate alpine sport thrill seekers, the region more than makes up for this with its other pleasures.

…a unique mixture of sophisticated luxury and friendly, local charm…

The Dolomites_Comstock ImagesThinkstockLooking for a nice hotel in the Dolomites? The Baumwirt, offers a unique mixture of sophisticated luxury and friendly, local charm. Situated near the small historical town of Kastelruth in the region of South Tirol, the Baumwirt Hotel is an ideal base to relax and unwind after trekking and exploring the stunning landscape, or after a busy day on the slopes.

Back dropped by spectacular scenery, the hotel offers a unique and unforgettable experience, with its luxury spa, gourmet cuisine, and superior quality accommodation.  It offers a chance to both physically and mentally relax and unwind whilst taking in the breath-taking surroundings.

…famous for its skiing…

Nestled in one of the most beautiful and unique alpine regions in the world it is not surprising that the area has become famous for its skiing and other alpine sports and outdoor activities, which attract visitors throughout the year.

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