Students look forward to travelling.

That said we have all heard the horror stories of travel becoming a nightmare when on that trip around Europe. However, a new and exciting site called has put together a neat and easy travel search finder, which brings together flight, train and bus options for your trip.

 Recently I have spent a lot of time in Paris. To get there can be a nightmare, so I decided to check out goeuro and see the best options it had for me to get to the city of love. The interface is easy, bright and colourful that fits in with the way that Europe sees itself. After setting in a round trip starting and coming back date (they also cater one way), your choice sends you to a nicely laid out page that shows you a variety of information. You can choose air, bus or train tickets. The site is linked to google maps that shows you your journey, prices and the time it will take you to get to your destination.


…this will be included very soon in the future…

Overall it is a useful site that brings you up-to date information on the best way to get to your destinations. The only set-backs I can see so far with the site is that it only really works with long distance travel. Local travels (buses in particular) are a little hit and miss, but I’m sure this will be included very soon in the future.

So if you want competitive pricing on travel definitely check it out.

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