Staying in hotels can be fun.

Whether you’re staying one night because you got too drunk and missed the last train, or going off for a holiday or city break, the freedom that a hotel room can give you is a wonderful feeling.

So which hotel? There are tons to choose from here in the capital, from luscious opulence to cosy and quaint.

…it won’t be long till we nestle in…

However if you are looking for an amazing night’s sleep then look no further than Ibis. The chain has just unleashed a new bed and coverings that are supposed to be made for the best night’s sleep possible. We’ve yet to try out these so-called amazing beds, but being avid hotel-stayers here at Mouth, it won’t be long till we nestle in and see what all the fuss is about.

And what better way to spread the word about these beds then testing them on bunnies. Not in a lipstick wearing way, but letting 30 fluffy rabbits loose in a suite and seeing where they end up snuggling.

…everyone loves cuddly bunnies…

It’s a clever ploy because as far as we know everyone loves cuddly bunnies. Like the procrastination time internet users put into watching cats do stupid things, this new advert will attract a lot of attention.

So when booking your next hotel think about the bunnies, snuggled, with legs in the air, and make a choice. I bet it’s for Ibis.

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