London has a vitality that other UK cities struggle to match.  The likes of Rome, Paris and Berlin all have a similar quality which is unique to capital cities, a vibrancy that makes living and visiting alive with excitement.

Your exposure to a diversity of culture is felt very keenly in London, from the variety of cutting edge nightlife, to the theatres and the museums.

It may seem at first like London is impersonal and expensive, but with the right research you can have a very affordable weekend break.  Cheap hotel deals in London are abundant, but if you’re booking late, you may find that renting an apartment from one of the multitude of sites on the net can save you serious money as well as giving you prime location.

…the hustle and the bustle of commerce and culture…

Places like Highgate are driveable and if you have a car, or you’ve rented a car from somewhere like, many apartment owners will provide a parking space.  Many areas in North London prove it has two distinct sides; the hustle and the bustle of commerce and culture, and the leafier suburbs around Hampstead Heath – which provides a panorama of the whole of the city.

London’s museums bear testimony to the sense of scientific endeavour present in the Georgian and Victorian eras, and they’re also free entry.  These huge establishments of learning are examples of some of the last great publicly minded enterprises remaining. We should remember how privileged we are to be able to access them completely free of cost.

…a low cost and completely absorbing day out…

The French have the Louvre, the Dutch have the Rijksmuseum, but our very own British Museum possibly surpasses both.  It’s a treasure trove of some of the world’s most astounding artefacts such as The Rosetta Stone and The Elgin Marbles.

The Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Tate Modern and the National Portrait Gallery are all in close proximity and make for a low cost and completely absorbing day out.

…cultural heart of the UK…

If you’re not exhausted from the museums on offer, you can check out the London Eye which offers you views over the city for a reasonable fee. A visit to Madame Tussauds is nearly compulsory or you can catch a show in a city where the theatre is ever present – the Globe, Drury Lane, the Adelphi…

London is the commercial and cultural heart of the UK and you can’t help but get carried away in the atmosphere and buzz that engulfs its historic streets.  The UK’s most celebrated city has that inspirational vitality which only some cities around the world exude to the fullest.

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