The busy and mad rush to buy Christmas presents may be over, but now we are smack bang in the middle of sales shopping.

Sales shopping is just as manic, maybe more so than Christmas, as literally thousands descend on the tourist hot spots of London. However, if you have not been to London or you’re a tourist it can be a bit tricky to navigate this general madness.

If you are out and about in London then it is very rare that you will stop unless you really have to. We ignore homeless people; forget to say please when getting a free newspaper and curse slow walkers. However, last week while out shopping I was asked for directions by a young couple from South America. As I had lots of time to waste I pointed them in the right direction and even walked them down the road as they seemed uncertain.

…it didn’t really take that long to help someone out…

It dawns on me now that it didn’t really take that long to help someone out, especially as when I have been abroad the locals are more than happy to lend a hand if you’re lost or looking for a certain restaurant.

Perhaps it’s a predominantly British thing to be so busy, or maybe it’s just a London trait. What do you think?



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