Every place we travel to has its own pros and cons, so how would I appreciate all the amazing-ness that defines Bali without encountering the terrible money-changing scammers there.

I wish the queen carried a machete on our notes.

Getting your money converted is a task in Bali, and I learnt that the hard way with 3 of my friends losing about £20-£40 thanks to these conversion monsters.



The scamming process in Bali is elaborate:

  • The scammer has a high table with a drawer facing him. You will not be allowed to stand on any side but the front *for obvious reasons*
  • He will hand you your money in only 20,000 Rp notes, so that you have more money than you can handle.
  • Then while you are trying to count, he’ll keep picking up the piles of money you’ve sorted and shuffle them around, conveniently dropping a few notes into the open drawer facing him. Think poker dealer style.
  • You will be thoroughly confused at what is happening and by the time you reach home and count your money again, it’s too late and they will deny all knowledge of them scamming you. OF COURSE.


Once bitten twice shy, they say, so the second time someone tried to do this to us, we were totally on top of things and he didn’t know what hit him. He was young and looked thoroughly scared, we threatened to call the tourist police and left.

A few minutes later, we realized that in the confusion that he created we had left with 20,000 Rp of his money.

We had a great dinner.

Image courtesy of the Bali Tourist Board


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