In a previous article I delved into what makes Switzerland a great country to visit.

Well the campaign to highlight the lovely people and what their land has to offer has been beefed up, by the arrival of some Aussies. When you think of a stereotypical Australian, you expect a rough, beer drinking individual who calls every woman Sheila. So what happens when two of these awesome stereotypes head to Switzerland? Find out in the video below.



When planning your Swiss holiday there are tons of choices to be made. With literally hundreds of traditions, it’s easy to plan out exactly what you want to get out of your time away. For instance, did you know that there are 99 different moves involved in Swiss flag-throwing? That if you hike along Lake Lucerne you are most likely to be deafened by the noise of cow bells? Swiss Wrestling shorts have three sets of stitching for better grip? And you can even make your own Victorinox Swiss army knife… if you want one that is

Switzerland has much to offer and you can find out about all of this and more at

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