Spending the holidays on the snowcapped mountains has always been seen as a luxurious form of vacation.

For those who can afford it, the ways of spending money and simply having a good time are limitless. Sadly though, the costs of getting there, arranging accommodation and not to mention taking into account all the little extras like renting or buying gear etc. is not cheap. In Austria, the theory of supply and demand is very well developed, so equipment prices are usually quite high during this season. So, with most of the money already spent on the basic needs, the question often arises if there is anything left to spend on things that is actually fun.

A paid holiday

Where there is a problem, there is always a solution.

An increasing amount of students who have the intention of going abroad for a semester or a year choose Austria to work in bars, restaurants or as a ski or snowboard teacher because of the long season.  This trend of combining work with recreation is almost a dream for students, making the opportunity a popular one. What some people refer to as a ‘paid vacation’, others call ‘easy money’. Seize the opportunity and head to the slopes without saving up too long on cash. There are websites like snowtrex.co.uk who offer all-year trips to the different areas in Austria and show that getting there is quite easy.

…get paid for doing something you enjoy…

Most of the times, the job comes with very attractive benefits. Accommodation is taken care of by the employer and in the case of ski or snowboard teacher, you will be provided with the right materials, and will get paid for doing something you enjoy.

Abroad in Austria

For the die-hard skiing fans and the daredevil boarders, Austria is a perfect place to spend a semester or even a year abroad. Because of the diversity of the winter sports areas in Austria, different areas offer all-season ski areas, which are all being monitored for snow. And not only skiing itself is great in Austria. What completes a day of winter sports is a well-deserved beer in the après-ski bars that are usually always at the foot of the mountains. After all who wouldn’t finish a hard day’s work with a cold beverage?

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