Everyone has their preference for soft drink. Personally I am a Pepsi boy and really can taste the difference from rival, Coca Cola. Although UK tastes and market are relatively the same compared to our American cousins, for some strange reason a drink which is incredibly popular in the US (accounting for almost eighty per cent of their citrus flavoured soft drinks sold) has only received little recognition. Perhaps the name, Mountain Dew, is misleading or the unnatural colour puts off those who are living a more natural fuelled diet?

Spouting about as many variants as Coke has had (Regular, Voltage, Diet, White Out etc.) the mountain Dew range is a drink that in my opinion should be tried. The Americans are renowned for being big eaters, drinkers and generally quite big people, so they must enjoy it to buy so much. Mountain Dew is a refreshing drink that has a sharp citrus-y flavour which appeals to the sweet tooth and most importantly its target market: children, because of its luminous colour.

…it fell into obscurity over here…

Coming over to our shores in 1996, for some reason the British public paid no attention to the drink and it fell into obscurity over here. This could have been to do with the large campaigns and success of “The Lilt Ladies” and the country’s fascination with Tango-ing each other. Whatever the reason the drink returned in 2010 and reimagined itself as Mountain Dew Energy. It has had some success as a sports drink and can be bought in various larger warehouse stores, but truly the drink should be bigger as it is over the pond.

Maybe as an island we should accept change and move away from the usual and embrace something different? Fast food retailers serve safe choices (Coke, Sprite, Fanta), but wouldn’t it be nice to have maybe a little more choice in our daily lives?

…It’s not to everyone’s taste…

So if you see Mountain Dew definitely take the time to try and devour the drink. It’s not to everyone’s taste, but then you can’t please everyone. If the (supposed) greatest nation in the world is obsessed with this drink and they came from us originally, shouldn’t we at least give it a go?


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