Some say we wouldn’t be able to do it, but we have pulled off an amazing Olympics games. From its birth through to the athletes competing, the games have been something that we as a nation can be proud of.

The amount of medals that we have managed to win has been phenomenal and this is not just down to the intense training our athletes have received, but the support of the public and the many great and wonderful things that have come from hosting the events.

…even just going for the morning run before work…

Twitter has become a hub of interesting articles, photography, designs and ideas that have spurned on many to look beyond their comfort zone and become interested in other sports and initiatives. More people have started to appreciate the nature of healthy living by joining up to local sports clubs, being part of the game spirit and even just going for the morning run before work. When we are surrounded and bombarded by the greatest specimens that the nations of the Earth have to offer for two weeks you can only feel a sense of pride that there are individuals who will try to be the best that they can be.

So many people were involved that the scale is mind boggling. The only true shame is that it could not have lasted for longer as, from my perspective, even if they were moaning about it, everyone was talking about and seemed passionate about the Olympics 2012.

…this could be the only chance that we will have the Olympics in the UK…

A friend guilted me into watching some of the sports under the pretence that in my lifetime, this could be the only chance that we will have the Olympics in the UK. I don’t believe this and hope it will come back one day. I didn’t like all of it, but I’m only human and you can’t please everyone. However collectively the games has brought a feeling of unity and patriotism that we rarely see and whatever you think I strongly believe it was worth it.

Take a look at the animation of one of our greatest sports athletes and reel good at how well we did:



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