It’s been a busy week for the MouthLondon team! While a competition has finished and the lucky winners got to go see Chipmunk we’ve also added an extension onto our Photography competition for all you budding image soul stealers!

So a quick round up of the week’s past new articles: a detailed look into the AV referendum happening this May, the Media getting in the way of Police work, a Preview of what’s on at the East End Film Festival, checking out the Dazed & Confused music gig, US television’s Parks and Recreation review, migration between Turkey and London, Vietnamese food in Shoreditch, Interviewing a dance student at a top London dance school, the 7th London Zine Symposium, a look over the US budget and ASOS’s place in fashion!

And breathe…

We’re part way through our wonderful, brand spanking new Issue and the content is absolutely lovely.

If you still want to write for us or take some pictures with those old fashioned picture catching boxes then do get in touch:

In the meantime keep an eye out for new content and competitions coming along in the next week!


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